At What Age Can I Take My Child on Safari?

Taking your child(ren) on an East African safari is sure to be one of the most rewarding holiday experiences you’ll ever have. But at what age is your little one ready for this exciting adventure?  

It is a dream for many families to be able to experience an East African safari with their children. However, to make it a memorable experience for everyone, you must ensure that your little one is the right age for this once-in-a-lifetime trip.

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Is My Child Too Young For a Safari? 4 Things You Should Consider

An East African Safari is a unique experience, but for the enjoyment and safety of your whole family, children must have a certain level of maturity before going on this adventure. They must be able to:

  • Tolerate the long haul flights
  • Have the patience required for long game drives
  • Enjoy the full impact of a safari
  • Demonstrate the self-restraint required to stay quiet on game drives

No doubt there are a number of challenges families going on safari will face, but to make your experience as stress-free as possible, here are some things worth considering:

1.         Some lodges have minimum age restrictions

If you want to take your child(ren) on safari, you should be aware that some camps and lodges have a minimum age restriction of between 4-12 years. A licensed travel agent can take this into consideration when selecting appropriate accommodation for you, but if you’re booking directly, you should check the relevant child policy with the camp.

2.        You may be required to hire a private vehicle

In many cases, families with young children will be required to book a private guide and vehicle when going on game drives. This will add to the cost of your holiday and it’s something you should discuss with your travel agent.

3.        Some lodges can work out a special meal time

If you are taking your little one on safari, then meal times are an important consideration. Make sure to advise the manager beforehand regarding your child’s dietary requirements and ask if they can work out meal times that are suitable for you. Some lodges may be able to arrange earlier meals.

4.        Safety is of utmost importance

The most important thing you should do when going on safari with your child is take heed of any safety precautions prescribed by the lodge. Make sure that your child is aware of any existing restrictions and remember many camps don’t have fences, so you will need to keep a close eye on your young kids.

5.        Choose a camp that offers children’s activity programs

Many lodges have now developed children’s activity programs, including story-telling, birding, or short bush walks. They have special guides who can entertain your little one while you go on a game drive. This can really enhance your child’s wildlife experience and give you some much needed relaxation time.

Remember:Many safari lodges place a strong emphasis on tranquility, peace, and getting in touch with nature. Parents must ensure that their children are mature enough to respect this so that they won’t infringe upon the enjoyment of other guests.

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