Get Up Close and Personal With Chimpanzees at Kibale National Park

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With lush, tropical rainforest and a fascinating diversity of animals, Kibale National Park is not only one of the most remarkably beautiful and stunning forests in East Africa, but it’s also home to an incredible 13 species of primates, including the largest population of highly endangered chimpanzees.

Kibale National park has one of the richest ecosystems in the whole of Africa and contains over 340 bird species, 14 species of snakes, at least 20 species of reptiles and other incredible animals including chimpanzee, bush pig, elephants, and giant forest hogs, offering tourists a unique safari experience you won’t soon forget!

Top 5 Things to do at Kibale National Park

1. Chimpanzee tracking. This once in a lifetime experience will allow you to spend a couple of hours up close with our most fascinating relatives.

2. Discover the daily life of the Batooro, a local community, through village walks, including stops at the primary school, church, and traditional healer.

3. Go on a guided nature walk where you will have a chance to see a variety of birds, monkeys, and sometimes duikers and bush pigs.

4. Take a trip to Bigodi Swamp, home to incredible animals such as the Red Colobus, L’Hoest monkey, civet cats, bush bucks, and the endangered swamp antelope.

5. Go on a guided night nature walk. Armed with powerful torches, tourists will have the chance to spot rarely sighted creatures such as the bush baby, hyrax, and occasional civet cat.

Go Green With Let’s Go Travel

Kibale National Park is home to the largest number of chimpanzee in Uganda, as well as the threatened red colobus monkey, and the rare L’Hoest Monkey, and there are eco-friendly lodges that are committed to minimizing the adverse effects of traditional tourism on the natural environment, while enhancing the cultural integrity of the local people.

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Build Your Own Safari at Kibale National Park

At Let’s Go Travel, we wish to expand the possibilities for our guests to enjoy a wider, more fulfilling wildlife experience through customized Kibale National Park itineraries. Whether you want to design an entire program from scratch, or slightly modify an existing one, we make sure all your desires and needs are met!