Join the Elephant’s Playground at Tsavo National Park

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The twin National Parks of Tsavo East and West together form one of Africa’s largest wilderness reserves. As a whole, it consists of 4 million hectares (close to 10 million acres) of pure wilderness and a huge variety of landscapes from natural springs and rocky peaks, to extinct volcanic cones and sharp outcrops dusted with Acacia and commiphora woodlands.

Covering a combined area larger than the island of Jamaica, Tsavo East and West are home to high populations of game, with one of the area’s most special sightings being its red elephants, dyed by the ochre-rich soil. This park also has a whiff of legend about it, infamous for its man-eating lions in the late 19th century.

Top 5 Things to do in Tsavo East & West

1. Take a trip to the volcanic Mzima springs, alive with shoals of barbel, waterfowl & hippopotamus.

2. Visit the Lugard Falls, one of Tsavo’s most interesting geographical features, where white water rages through a series of spectacular rock formations.

3. Go on a glorious game drive. Tsavo East & West offer some of the most magnificent game viewing in the world.

4. Enjoy a sundowner at Poacher’s Lookout, a fine spot for an evening cocktail accompanied by majestic views of the surrounding landscape.

5. Witness the spectacular Yatta Plateau, the world’s longest lava flow.

Go Green With Let’s Go Travel

If you love nature and want to protect its beauty, as well as support the livelihood of the local communities, then there are a number of eco-conscious lodges in Tsavo that will allow you to do just that! Not only will these magical places give you stunning animal viewing, but they also provide eco-friendly facilities that don’t retract from the authentic wildlife experience.

From unique initiatives such as the orphan elephant-reintegration project to habitat management and reconstructions of local primary schools, Tsavo is a must for any sustainable traveler!

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