How to Make The Most Out of Your East African Safari

If you are planning on visiting Africa, then a safari is an absolute must-have experience. Whether you want to bond with your family, enjoy the incredible wildlife, or escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life, you’ll find what you crave on an East African safari.
So all the planning is done: you’ve planned your safari at the right time of the year, with the right people, and you’ve enlisted the help of experienced travel agentsto create a customized safari experience.


However, to really maximize this incredible opportunity, you should follow these 6 tips:
  1. Build a Relationship With Your Guide: The guides in the camp are extremely friendly and knowledgeable. To make the most of their expertise, you should engage with them as much as you can, both by asking questions about wildlife and about their personal journey. This will allow any barriers to drop and the guide will be sure to go out of their way and give you the best experience possible.
  2. Embrace Everything and Go With the Flow: You might have an idea of how your safari experience will play out, but as with all holidays, an East African safari can throw up curve balls now and again. If you embrace these and go with the flow, these unexpected adventures can provide unique and very powerful experiences.
  3. Be Curious. When you’re on safari, be curious about everything. Ask about interesting looking trees, or strange sounds. This will allow you to share in your guide’s incredible knowledge and allow you to truly understand the depth of a safari experience and appreciate the amazingly rich experience.
  4. Take some time alone. A great safari isn’t just about rushing around trying to catch sight of the next animal. Make sure to take time to really soak up the wilderness around you. If you can, have a cup of coffee alone outside your tent in the morning, or stop for a sundowner drink in the bush. This will allow you to soak in the sounds and smells of Africa and create beautiful memories.
  5. Put the Camera Down. Understandably, you’ll want to take hundreds (if not thousands) of photographs on your safari. But sometimes, a camera can be a barrier to fully experiencing the wilderness. So make sure to put it down from time to time and allow yourself to just soak in the experience.
  6. Communicate Any Concerns You May Have. Safaris take place in a wild environment, and while it promises to be one of the greatest experiences of your life, it is also a foreign one. If you have any concerns that might be impacting the quality of your experience, then tell your guide or camp manager. They can help make changes to ensure you feel safer and happier.

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