If taking a Kenyan safari isn’t yet on your bucket list, then it should be! Evoking the old-world charm of a bygone era, this East African country provides travellers with an unforgettable experience of romance, wildlife adventure, and spectacular scenery.

Why You’ll Love Kenya

The original safari destination, Kenya is well known for its rolling grasslands, wide-open savannah, and great expanse of wildlife parks, including Masai Mara, famously known as the 8th wonder of the world.

But this breathtaking country also has so much more to offer!

Things you can only see/do in Kenya

1. The annual wildebeest migration, considered to be one of the greatest natural spectacles in the world.

2. The Kenyan Barrier Reef, the world’s second largest coral reef.

3. The earliest artifacts of humanity including rock-art paintings, by visiting internationally recognized sites such as Koobi Fora and Lake Turkana.

4. Diverse Kenyan tribes such as the Maasai, Samburu, El Molo, and many more through up-close and personal cultural tours.

5. Humpback whale watching along the serene Kenyan coast.

6. Diverse species of birds at the Great Rift Valley Lakes, including Pink Flamingo, African Fish Eagles and Great White Pelicans.

Voted One of the Best Ecotourism Destinations

Kenya is one of the global leaders in ecotourism, working to develop innovative ways to promote responsible tourism practices that will conserve its natural environment and improve the livelihoods of associated communities.

Looking for an inspiring, yet environmentally-conscious safari experience unlike any other?

Our team can customize your Kenyan safari itinerary around preferred locations that have lodges which follow the important principles of responsible tourism. responsible tourism.

Places To Visit


Famous for: Its large herds of free-ranging elephants, including tusked bulls, where herds of up to 100 can be found against the spectacular backdrop of Mount Kilimanjaro.


Famous for: Providing a remote and unhurried safari experience that breaks away from the traditional, allowing guests to spend time outside the game vehicle.

Masai Mara

Famous for: The Great Migration. From July-October, witness what is truly the world’s most spectacular wildebeest migration and the dramatic sightings that occur during the mass crossing of the swollen Mara River.

Mt. Kenya

Famous for: Being the second highest mountain in Africa. It’s filled with the mystery of legend, told to be the home of the Kikuyu God, Ngai, and is a UNESCO World Heritage site. Here, visitors are treated to a fascinating world of forests, wildlife, and the one of Earth’s rarest sights, equatorial snow.


Famous for: Being East Africa’s most cosmopolitan city. Also referred to as a the ‘Green City in the Sun’, Nairobi’s charms include it’s vibrant cultural life, exciting nightlife, and the wildlife national park right at its doorstep.

Rift Valley Lakes

Famous for: Its clouds of brilliant pink flamingo and other water birds rising from glittering lakes, including Lake Nakuru, Lake Naivasha, Lake Bogoria and Lake Baringo. Many of the lakes are surrounded by game reserves, providing wonderful opportunities for bird watching and wildlife.


Famous for: The elephant crossing at the wide banks of the red Ewaso Ng’iro River, the third largest river in Kenya.

Tsavo (East & West)

It’s huge herds of dust-red elephants. More than 10,000 of them bulldoze their way around this vast park.


Famous for: Its long tropical beaches, relaxing atmosphere and water-sport activities. Kenya’s coast is synonymous with white beaches and azure water, but it’s also full of culture, reminding visitors of its charming history and heritage.