Ngorongoro is Tanzania’s Greatest Wildlife Showpiece

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As the world’s largest inactive, intact crater, the Ngorongoro Crater and surrounding highlands together form one of Africa’s most beautiful regions and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Volcanic craters form stunning backdrops to some of the most fertile and richest grazing grounds for elephants, zebras, rare black rhinos, and seas of pink flamingos.

Home to the highest density of big game in Africa, travellers have the opportunity to see all the big five and plenty of predators, making Ngorongoro justifiably one of the continent’s most famous safari destinations.

Top 5 Things to see/do in Ngorongoro

1. Famous Big Five as Ngorongoro has a healthy population of black rhino and some of the largest tusker elephants, as well as lions, leopards, and wildebeest.

2. Visit Olduvai Gorge,a rich archaeological site where evidence of the first humans has been found.

3. Enjoy great sights of Lake Magadi, which is shallow, azure blue and always fringed by hundreds of long-legged pink flamingos.

4. Witness the shifting sands, a moving black dune composed of volcanic ash from the nearby mountain Oldoinyo Lengai, that is shifting slowly westwards across the Ngorongoro plains.

5. Take a walk in Lerai Fever Tree Forest which consists of tall, slim yellow-barked acacias, forming a lace-canopied wonderland of glades, frequented by elephants, rhino, eland, and hundreds of birds.

Go Green With Let’s Go Travel

For the discerning traveller, there are a number of lodges in Ngorongoro that are committed to environmental conservation with their reliance on solar power and emphasis on water conservation, but still offer all the amenities, such as hot baths and wireless internet, that weary safari travelers will be wanting. In addition, these hotels educate and employ people from local communities, providing them with a sustainable income and multiple opportunities to grow.

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Build Your Own Ngorongoro Safari

Let’s Go Travel offers you the freedom to create the Ngorongoro adventure of your dreams. Our team can craft a unique safari especially for you, based on your specific requirements. Whether you want to design an entire itinerary from scratch, or slightly modify an existing one, we make sure all your desires are met!