What does Lets Go Travel Uniglobe do towards this goal?

As an intermediary between the traveller and the attraction, we have taken a two way approach towards sustainability: classified as either internal or external practice.

Our internal practices have led to recycling paper, banning single-use plastic, minimizing the use of water and energy and advocating for sustainable itineraries to clients through the use of eco-rated hotels and lodges or hotels that have met our internal sustainability check list.

Our external practices aim to engage with environments and communities to build future proof strategies by having sustainable initiatives in place to empower the local hosts as well as preserve the environment.

All our initiatives are based on our 4 sustainability pillars: Education, Conservation, Community Tourism and Livelihood.

What can you, as a tourist, do?

Get Involved!


• Choose a safari or holiday that supports sustainable destinations, lodges and hotels.
•  Travellers Philanthropy This is where when a client books with us USD 30 per booking goes towards the funding kitty for our Sustainable initiatives, thus clients would have contributed to helping us meet our Sustainable development promises. Clients do have the option to give more, should they wish to give towards a certain initiative.
• Donate or start an ongoing project with the community around education, health, better livelihoods or environment (for example piping of water or tree planting).
• Visit one of our humanitarian initiatives and give time, financial support and company/pleasure to the individuals, to help uplift their belonging in society, and give direction and hope.

For more information about our Sustainability principles, policies or initiatives, please contact:

Felix Ongoma our sustainability coordinator via
email or +254 20 5293224