Tarangire: Discover Tanzania’s Hidden Gem

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Often described as Tanzania’s most underrated national park, Tarangire is one of Africa’s little-known gems. What it lacks in size, it makes up in seasonal elephant migrations, excellent bird watching opportunities, and a truly authentic safari experience.

Named for the Tarangire River which flows through it, this park is an excellent choice for tourists during the dry season, when animals are forced to move closer to the river in search of water. Set against a backdrop of majestic baobab trees and twisted acacias, it makes for a truly beautiful experience.

Top 5 Things to do in Tarangire National Park

1. Enjoy birdwatching. With over 550 species of birds - the highest number in all of Tanzania - Tarangire is a birdwatcher’s paradise.

2. Experience a whole new world by taking a trip into the local Maasai or Barabaig villages.

3. Try an early-morning take-off in a Tarangire hot-air balloon and float soundlessly above the baobab tree-tops for a unique perspective on herds of elephant and zebra.

4. Go on a night game drive for the chance to spot many nocturnal animals such as the Small-Eared Galago, Senegal Bushbaby and Crested Porcupine.

5. Set out on a bush walk and walk at a safe, non-intrusive distance from giraffe, buffalo, elephant, zebra and impala, accompanied by a skilled, armed ranger.

Go Green With Let’s Go Travel

From lodges that are at the forefront of energy, waste, and water management, to those that give a percentage of their income to local communities for maintenance of boreholes, schools, and dispensaries, there are a number of luxurious and eco-friendly hotel options for the sustainable tourist.

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Create Your Very Own Tarangire Experience

At Let’s Go Travel, we can start with a blank slate and build a unique Tarangire safari that meets the needs and preferences of you and your traveling companions. Whether you want to design an entire safari itinerary from scratch, or slightly modify an existing one, we make sure all your desires are met!