Get Away From the Madding Crowd By Traveling to Selous Game Reserve

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Selous is untouched African wilderness and yet still easily accessible from Dar-e-Salaam and Zanzibar. The game viewing here is superb, the wilderness on display is some of the most unspoilt in Africa, and the sheer variety of activities available makes for a one-of-a-kind safari experience.

The rivers and lakes of Selous are the lifeblood of the park, hosting fabulous game including elephant, buffalo, hippo, crocodile, and incredible prides of lion. The fact that it is so much more secluded and quieter than other parks in East Africa just adds to its charm.

Top 5 Things to do in Selous

1. Visit Stiegler’s Gorge, a canyon-like structure that’s part of the Rufiji river. It’s named after a Swiss big game hunter who was trampled to death there by an elephant in 1907.

2. Go on a boating safari and float gently downstream as you watch the wildlife coming into the water, ending with a sundowner

3. Fly-camping will allow you to spend a night in the heart of Africa’s wildest places with nothing but a tent between you, nature’s sounds, wildlife, and the stars.

4. Take a guided walking safari where you will encounter wildlife such as elephants, zebras, and a number of hippos and crocodiles around the five lakes of the reserve.

5. Visit the local village on the outskirts of the Selous Game Reserve.

Go Green With Let’s Go Travel

Selous Game Reserve is a UNESCO world heritage site and in an effort to protect its ecosystem, there are a number of lodges that are dedicated to supporting the economic growth of the surrounding local communities, as well as anti-poaching efforts in this area.

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Create Your Very Own Experience in Selous Game Reserve

All of our East-African safaris are tailor-made to each guests’ specifications - so your visit to Selous Game Reserve will be uniquely suited to your special interests. Whether you want to design an entire itinerary from scratch, or slightly modify an existing one, we make sure all your desires and needs are met!