4 Tips For Taking Your Children on an East African Safari

Are you thinking of going on an East African Safari with your family, but you’re not sure what to expect? Here are some simple tips to follow for an unforgettable and stress-free safari experience with young children.

There is something incredibly special and unique about an East African Safari, be it seeing wild animals in their natural habitat, or interacting with friendly locals and learning about their fascinating culture.

What makes it even better? Sharing this experience with your family, including your children.

If you’ve been hesitant to take your little ones on an East African safari, then think again! With some careful planning and research, you and your family could have an adventure of a lifetime.

4 Tips For Taking Your Children on an East African Safari

East African safaris are all about sharing an adventure with the people you love most, and spending some quality time together. To make your vacation as stress-free and seamless as possible, here are 4 simple tips for taking your children on safari:

1.        Build Your Child’s Excitement

Before going on your safari adventure, you should talk to your child about the wildlife they are going to see, and perhaps even watch some wildlife films together. Doing this will build their anticipation for the holiday and get them excited for the family adventure – which is a huge part of the magic of an East African safari!

2.        Be Prepared For Everything

As a parent, you know having children means being prepared for any scenario, and when you’re going on a family safari, you must make sure to carefully plan what you will take with you. To keep your children entertained for the long flights and drives, pack a carry-on bag with:

  • Coloring books
  • Small games (such as cards or sudoku puzzles)
  • Books for older children
  • Fully charged iPads

For the long distance flight, you may want to consider downloading some movies onto your device, as this will ensure your children stay calm and entertained. Also, don’t forget the healthy snacks!

3.        Plan Your Itinerary Carefully

The last thing you want is to be stuck under the hot African sun with a cranky, tired, or hungry kid, so make sure to plan your holiday itinerary very carefully! Before planning your holiday, make sure to check information about the:

  • Weather
  • Driving time
  • Road and safari travel conditions.

The Team at Let’s Go Travel Can Help You Plan The Perfect Family Safari

At Let’s Go Travel, we know that family safaris are a time for you to bond with your spouse and your children, and we can customize your itinerary around the safest and most kid-friendly destinations to ensure that you go home with beautiful and happy memories.

4.        Be Flexible

To make your trip as stress-free and manageable as possible, it’s important to be flexible and sensitive to your child’s needs. Some of the things you should consider, include:

  • Keep your game drives short
  • If your child falls asleep during the game drive, don’t wake them up
  • Plan some in between activities between the game drives (such as a visit to a local village or even horse riding)
  • Make sure your child has plenty of rest and sleep before you start your day

Tip: Remember that this is a family holiday, and when you are planning your activities, you should keep the personality and temperament of your child(ren) in mind.

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An East African Safari is a unique opportunity for your children to learn about nature and wildlife, and to create everlasting memories. At Let’s Go Travel, we help you plan a holiday experience that is safe, fun, and exciting, for every member of your family.

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