3 Reasons You Should Care About Sustainable Tourism

3 Reasons You Should Care About Sustainable Tourism

Are you planning a holiday to East Africa? Whether you’re going on a wildlife safari, or a diving adventure along the coast, here are 5 reasons why you need to think and care about sustainable tourism.

An African Safari is a unique adventure which everyone should experience at least once in their lives. In order for that to be possible for future generations, it’s important for tourists to practice sustainable tourism.

What is sustainable tourism?

Sustainable tourism is the practice of visiting a place as a tourist and trying to make a positive impact on the country’s environment, economy, and society. This can mean many things, including:

  • Supporting local businesses
  • Participating in activities that do not harm the environment
  • Staying in lodges that practice the principles of ecotourism
  • Never exploiting the local culture

If you’re still wondering why sustainable tourism should be something you care about, here are 3 concrete reasons:

1.        It Helps Protect Natural Resources

The Earth has many ecosystems, and they are not renewable. This means that any chance we have to avoid damaging them, we should take it. By practicing sustainable tourism, you can help preserve the earth, its animals, and natural resources for future generations of both locals and tourists.

Some of the things you may want to consider doing include:

  • Staying in eco-friendly lodges that are interested in fair working conditions for locals, organic and regional food, waste reduction, and efficient energy use.
  • Avoiding activities with high environmental impacts, such as driving off established tracks.
  • Never leaving waste behind in nature.
  • Respecting the local communities and their way of living.
  • Working with a travel agency that promotes ecotourism.


2.        Local Communities Will Benefit

Ecotourism can bring a lot of benefits to the local communities, and by being a sustainable traveller, you can play a part in this important movement. Ecotourism can:

  • Lead to the creation of jobs for the local community.
  • Teach locals to appreciate the value of their ecosystems and take pride in their natural surroundings.
  • Create infrastructure that will improve the quality of life of the local community.
  • Bring about empowerment, especially to disadvantaged groups including women and children.

By being respectful of the local culture and working with tour companies, lodges, and travel agencies that are passionate about sustainable tourism, you can be sure that your visit will not only be memorable to you, but also will have a positive and lasting impact on the locals you meet.


3.        You’ll Enjoy a More Authentic Experience

One of the biggest benefits of being a sustainable traveller means that you will be able to get a first-hand glimpse into life as a local. You’ll learn the truth about their culture and environment, and you’ll take home truly one-of-a-kind memories and experiences.

Quick Tips To Help You Become a More Sustainable Tourist

  1. Opt to book your safari or vacation with sustainable tourism operators, who are known for their ecotourism principles. (Let’s Go Travel is a 5-Time Winner of the Eco-Tourism Award >)
  2. Don’t support the sale of protected species, whether it’s being sold as a souvenir. Not only do such possessions present a direct threat to endangered wildlife, if you are caught, you could be fined and your purchase confiscated. Examples include purchasing carvings made out of ivory and purchasing or taking sea shells from the beach.
  3. Bring your own reusable water bottle and avoid purchasing disposable plastic bottles.
  4. Respect the local communities and cultural differences and avoid imposing your own beliefs upon the people you meet.
  5. Shop locally whenever you can, as this will ensure that the money you spend goes directly into the local communities.
  6. Select hotels, lodges, or guesthouses that employ sustainable tourism practices.
  7. Minimize your energy consumption as much as possible.
  8. Educate yourself on the destination before you travel. This will not only ensure that you don’t upset any locals, but it will also enhance your travel experience greatly.
  9. Give something back to the local communities. (Holidays That Make a Difference >)

Become a Sustainable Tourist With Let’s Go Travel

At Let’s Go Travel, we can create customized itineraries that will give you the safari experience of a lifetime, whilst also ensuring that your visit has a positive impact on the communities and environments you travel to.

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