The Land of Forgotten Civilizations

Sudan is a land of forgotten civilizations and golden pyramids, an ancient place where two Niles become one and where fascinating cultures abound, making it one of the most beautiful, yet overlooked, travel destinations in the world.

Why You'll Love Sudan

With its sweeping hills of sand, pristine coral reef, and friendly, hospitable people, Sudan harbors treasures that the rest of the world is only starting to discover. For the bold travellers who venture here, Sudan comes as a fantastic and one-of-a kind surprise,

Things you can only see/do in Sudan :

1. Visit the forgotten Pyramids of Meroe. A collection of 200 ancient pyramids, these are the last, striking remnants of one of the earliest known civilizations in the Nile region.

2. Discover the meeting place of the Blue and White Niles in Khartoum, Sudan’s dynamic and cosmopolitan capital city.

3. Enjoy the wonders of the National Museum of Sudan, know for having the largest Nubian archaeological collection in the world.

4. Dive into the country’s Red Sea Marvels at Port Sudan.
With its crystal blue waters, this largely undiscovered spot is paradise on Earth and one of the best locations for snorkeling and diving.

5. Hike through the Jebel Marra Mountains. The extinct volcanoes of Jebel Marra offer outstanding scenic beauty, including waterfalls, volcanic lakes, and a pleasant climate.

Protecting One of Africa’s Most Pristine and Ancient Landscapes

Sudan is regarded as one of Africa’s richest countries in history, culture, and wildlife, and an increasing amount of effort has been made to protect the country’s historical monuments, coral reef, and other natural resources, while improving the lives of surrounding local communities.

Looking for an inspiring, yet environmentally-conscious, holiday experience unlike any other?

Our team can customize your Sudan itinerary around preferred locations and companies which follow the important principles of responsible tourism.

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