4 Reasons Why You Have to Try a Hot Air Balloon Safari in Kenya

Apart from the opportunity to enjoy breathtaking views from high up above, a hot air balloon ride also allows you to experience a unique combination of thrill and serenity. Here are 4 reasons why you shouldn’t miss out on this unique and incredible opportunity:

1.        You’ll Gain a New Perspective

When you go on a hot air balloon flight, you’ll see the Mara’s incredible views from a totally unique and different perspective. You’ll be able to truly enjoy the picturesque and panoramic landscapes and witness birds roosting in the tops of trees, giraffe hiding under forest canopy, and the backs of crocodiles in the snaking rivers below.

2.        It’ll Be an Experience You’ll Remember Forever

This nostalgic and romantic method of air travel is an experience that you’ll remember for a lifetime. You’ll rise silently and smoothly towards the clouds and travel wherever the wind wishes to take you, all the while marveling at the stunning sights sprawled out below you.

3.        It’s Safe

Thrilling as it may be, hot air ballooning is also one of the safest ways to fly. This is because the balloons travel slowly and all pilots have undergone extensive professional and international training. So you can enjoy the views while knowing you’re in safe and capable hands!

4.        It Has Benefits For Your Well-Being

One of the best things about hot air ballooning is that it can also benefit your well-being. Not only will you feel happier during the ride, but even long after the flight is over. The experience has been shown to release endorphins, increase your heart rate, and improve blood flow.