Guide lines for good practice when on Safari

• Obey all game laws and regulations, and respect the fact that your guide is bound by these.
• Don’t approach animals too closely, and don’t encourage your driver to do so. The recommended distance is at least 25 meters away.
• To minimise disturbance to the animals, don’t make too much noise during game drives.
• Never give food to any animal in the wild.
• Aim to leave the environment as you found it. Don't litter.
• Buy locally crafted souvenirs.
• Do not buy, or trade for, any articles, which are covered under the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES) including ivory, turtle products, rhino horn, furs, butterflies and many plant species.
• Do not pick plants and flowers.
• Do not give sweets, pens etc. to children on the street as it can encourage begging. It is better to give through a local organisation or school.
• As a courtesy, ask before you take a picture of someone.
• Child prostitution is illegal and should be reported immediately.

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