4 Tips To Keep You Safe on Your East African Safari

There’s nothing quite as exciting as embarking on your first East African safari. However, to ensure the safest and most memorable experience, it’s important that you are well-prepared and informed ahead of your journey.

An East-African safari is a bucket-list vacation for many people and every year, millions of tourists go on safari and enjoy a safe and incredible experience. However, if you are planning a trip, be it to the Masai Mara or Serengeti, it’s important to be well-prepared.

4 Tips to Keep You Safe on Your East African Safari

To help you make the most of this once-in-a-lifetime adventure, here are four safari safety tips you should know:

1.         Don’t Stick Anything Out of Your Vehicle

This is one of the most basic and important rules you should follow when you are on a safari. Not only should you stay in your vehicle at all times when you’re in the game park, but you should also avoid suddenly standing up or sticking something out of the vehicle.

Why your behavior matters  

You may startle an animal, which can cause them to become aggressive and react without warning. Because safari vehicles tend to be open on the top, these precautionary measures should always be followed.

2.        Hire a Professional and Skilled Guide

By opting to go on safari with a professional and skilled guide, you can ensure your experience will be more memorable and safe. Such professionals not only know where to go for the best wildlife viewing opportunities, but they’ll also provide great commentary and safari safety tips.

Your guide is a wildlife expert

Most importantly, a guide is trained to understand animal behavior. He/she will notice if an animal is getting agitated and will know when it’s the right time to back away.

Still want to go own your own? Then be sure to read the safari safety tips provided by the park and follow all the instructions.

3.        Wear the Right Protection

Before you embark on your safari, you should talk to your doctor about whether you should take anti-malaria medication. In addition to that, you should always wear insect repellent during your safari drive.

Wear the right clothes

If you are going on game drives in an open-air vehicle, then make sure to take sunscreen and a hat. Despite the warm weather, it’s always a good idea to wear closed shoes, long pants, and socks, especially if you plan on doing a walking safari.

4.        Don’t Swim in the Lakes or Rivers

When you are hanging out around your camp in between your game drives, avoid jumping into or taking a swim in any nearby water bodies. Aside from the health risks caused by parasites, you never know which animal is lurking beneath the surface.

Stay dry and safe

Did you know that hippos are known to be extremely aggressive if they sense any threat to their young or territory? Crocodiles can also be found in every major river throughout Africa, so it’s imperative that you are careful.

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