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Saving The Rhino And The Elephant

In Kenya we have the white and black rhinos, with other subspecies of the same. The northern white rhinoceros is one step closer to extinction with the death of Suni, one of only two breeding males left of his kind which was based in Olpejeta conservancy. Sudan is the only male remaining of this species the fate of the subspecies rests on his ability to conceive with two females at a conservancy. With the rate at which our rhinos and elephants are reducing poses a great danger to our tourism industry as wildlife is a key area in the tourism industry in Kenya. Poaching for the horn has been, and continues to be, the major cause of the black rhino population decline. The surviving rhinos are concentrated in sanctuaries where they are protected from poachers, and populations in these sanctuaries are increasing as their breeding rate is much higher than in the wild.



For the African elephant, poaching has reached crisis levels, according to some advocates. Killed for their magnificent ivory tusks, activists worry that wild elephants could near extinction in a decade. With the initiative of safeguarding the elephants and rhinos in the conservancy and national parks, the KWS have appointed rangers who patrol in the parks and reserved to look after the animals against poachers. This responsibility should also go down to the community especially those near parks and game reserves not only to stop poaching but also to reduce human wildlife conflict which sometimes ends up in some of our animals being killed.


It’s our role to act as the ambassadors of the KWS to spread the word to save our elephants and rhinos. We should all team up and stop the poaching of our rhinos and elephants as their increase in number will bring up much revenue in the tourism industry. Join the walk in saving our rhinos and elephants by either adopting an elephant or giving donations to the conservancies such as the David Sheldricks elephant orphanage or the Olpejeta conservancy for their survival.


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