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Introducing Oserengoni Wildlife Sanctuary

Oserian Wildlife Sanctuary, one of the most respected private game sanctuaries in Kenya, has changed its name to Oserengoni Wildlife Sanctuary.

Oserengoni Wildlife Sanctuary lies on the shores of Lake Oloidien (once part of Lake Naivasha) in the Great Rift Valley. Game drives in the Sanctuary are exclusive to guests of Chui Lodge and Kiangazi House and free of any other tourist vehicles.

The Oserian Wildlife Sanctuary was established over 15 years ago with the aims of protecting the indigenous wildlife of Kenya for generations to come, developing breeding programs that would ensure that the Sanctuary played a key role in the National conservation effort, and to manage the human-wildlife interface in this part of Kenya such that both the animals and the communities could prosper. 

The Sanctuary has done incredibly well, especially with regard to their very successful Rhino breeding program, the protection of the very rare Grevy’s Zebra, and the creation of a stable and safe environment for leopards (one of the highest % of leopard spotting in the whole of Kenya!) and other game, which has seen the Sanctuary’s population grow 3 fold!  Both the Sanctuary and the local communities have prospered and it's a prime example showing that conservation works.
Currently many exciting things are happening at the Sanctuary, including turning it into an independent entity to ensure the sustainability and success of the Sanctuary for the next 1000 years and beyond. 

Sadly, until that structure is in place and more funds for security in the Sanctuary are available, a decision was made in the best interest of the rhinos to relocate them to a safer location on a custodial arrangement. Hopefully the Sanctuary will, in the near future, be in a position to relocate a viable rhino population back to its borders.  

A part of the accommodation costs of staying at Chui Lodge or Kiangazi House goes towards the Sanctuary, hence each booking at any one of these fabulous retreats helps to sustain this magnificent Sanctuary.

Original article from the Exclusive African Treasures Newsletter.

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